Oliver pineda

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Je vous propose aujourd'hui de découvrir l'un de mes danseur de Salsa préféré, l'australien Oliver Pineda.

Dancing the silence

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Carlos Gavito

One of the most important things I have been learning in the last two year is to enjoy the void. The silence. Either in communication, theater and dance. Salsa or Tango.

In improvisational theater, I have learnt to communicate more with emotions rather than word. It is amazing to realize than we can say much more thing by saying no word, by simply feel the emotion and let our body express the words by itself.

In Salsa or Tango, doing no intentional or I might say motrice movement is a difficult task. As in communication, we learnt very early to use word, dance pattern to express ourself. The truth, now for me, is to do otherwise. Do less moves and use more emotions.

Here is a bio of Carlos Eduardo Gavito. The man of also danced the Silence. The text is in French. The link of the bio

My idea of social dance

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I will use this website to publish some information about my idea of social dance. What I call my theory of social dance. I strongly believe that what makes a great dancer is not only the movement, instead what is in the mind of the dancer. Our mind shapes how we dance.

I start this blog by a video that played at some point of my adventure a role in how dance is now.

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